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The Callcenter Simulator: Call center planning state of the art

The Callcenter Simulator is an event-driven stochastic simulation tool that offers solutions for the following problems:

Realistic planning and optimization of processes

ScreenshotEditor2The frequently used Erlang C formula does not take into account many parameters, such as the impatience of customers, call repetitions, forwarding, etc., thus just using this formula does not map the real conditions and consequently does not allow forecasting, what impact changes to the system would have.

More information: Features of the Callcenter Simulator


Optimization of processes and the workload

ScreenshotOptimierung5The simulation model allows to map your entire call center system including all specific properties in the computer. This allows to optimize the staffing in relation to other economic factors.

More information: Simulation and optimization


Modeling of multi-skill systems


ScreenshotEditor4The Callcenter Simulator supports any number of agents groups with any skills. Multi-skill agents, forwarding of from customers depending on the skill level of the serving agents, etc. are thus easily to map.

More information: Simulation model


What-if studies

ScreenshotStatistik8Many tools for staff planning rely on “historical data” or working “linear”. However, since you do not want to predict the past and the world is not linear, they provide no insight on the influence of change the control strategy.



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